Consultations & Metabolic Testing

One off consultations to provide you with the data and guidance to use nutrition to better support performance in your sport and in life.



A remote 45 minute 1-to-1 consultation, including:

  • Discussion and development of nutrition, performance and weight management goals

  • Assessment of factors influencing your nutritional requirements

  • Food diary analysis (you will be required to send a 3-5 day food diary 48 hours prior to the consultation)

  • General nutrition recommendations, based on goals and food diary

  • Personalised nutrition recommendation, including:

       a) By meal calorie and macronutrients           recommendation (£15 premium)

       b) Visual portion size guide + 3 recipes           for each meal and snack (£40 premium)


Per consultation: £70


Follow up consultations to review progress and update recommendations, including new food diary review: £35

Metabolic Testing

Understand your physiology and fitness through:​

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) estimation using a PNOE breath analyser

  • Estimation of aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold and fuel utilisation using a PNOE breath analyser

  • An in depth report summarising the results and implications for your training and nutrition

Body composition + RMR: £100

Body composition + RAMP: £140

Body composition + RMR + RAMP: £175

Advanced Consultation

Combines both the metabolic testing and basic 1-to-1 consultation to provide a nutrition recommendation driven by the enhanced data collected


Base Consultation, with:

RMR: £125

RAMP: £165

RMR + RAMP: £200