Metabolic Testing

To provide you with the data and guidance to use training and nutrition to better support performance in your sport and in life.


Metabolic Testing

Understand your physiology and fitness through:​

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) estimation

  • Physical capacity testing, including an estimation of aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, muscle oxygen utilisation and fuel utilisation (using VO2 Master, Moxy and Accutrend equipment)

  • An in depth report summarising the results and implications for your training and nutrition.


RMR: £100

Physical capacity testing: £150

RMR + Physical Capacity Testing: £185

Receive a 15% discount on testing if purchased alongside a nutrition coaching package.

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Bloodwork & Genetic Testing

Using data to inform training and nutrition. For vitamin, mineral, hormone and genetic testing Omnos is our preferred partner. They provide:

  • Simple at home testing kits

  • A breadth of vitamin, mineral, hormone and genetic testing relevant to health and fitness

  • Provide insight backed by scientific evidence (and highlight the limitations of our understanding) via your own online portal

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