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Performance Nutrition Programme

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Are you looking to maximise your CrossFit performance in 2023?

Do You Want To ...

     Smash your performance in the 2023 Open, and in life?

     Understand more about the science behind nutrition?

     Set yourself up to manage your nutrition for the long term?


YES?! Then keep reading ...

What You Get ...

Personalised nutrition programme:

  • Calories and macronutrients

  • Visual portion size guides

  • Recipes and five minute meals

  • Key food group analysis

  • Supplement guidance

  • Sleep / Stress / Hormone Cycle guidance & more



  • Initial video consultation to discuss your performance and lifestyle goals, training, life outside of training, current diet, in order to build your personalised nutrition programme

  • Eight weeks ongoing support, with weekly one on one video check ins

  • In week WhatsApp support


  • Kick off webinar and Q&A

  • Five Nutrition Webinars, focussing on different aspects of exercise physiology and nutrition for CrossFit® and life

  • Specific nutrition strategies for each Open workout, and recovery afterwards

  • Final one on one video debrief and strategy moving forwards

Eight Weeks (9th Jan - 6th Mar 2023)

Just 6 spots available


Train hard. Live hard. Feel incredible. 

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