Empowered. Online Nutrition.

Self-directed learning, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to develop your own nutrition plan.

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EMPOWERED. Online Nutrition.

You have the option to follow the Weight Loss or Muscle Gain programme.

In this self-directed learning plan you receive 6 months access to the Feed.Fuel.Perform online platform including:

  • Your Detailed Nutrition Guide, to coach you through key topics including:

  • The fundamentals of nutrition for your goals

  • How to analyse your current diet, identify key changes, and execute those changes

  • How to overcome challenges and address sticking points

  • What to do if progress stalls


  • Goals & Metrics section to outline your goals and track progress in key metrics over time


  • Check In section with guided reflections to help you identify challenges, recognise success and build habits for life


  • Resource library containing guidance and insight on a range of topics from nutritional considerations for injury, anabolic windows, understanding macronutrients, and much more

  • Access to administrative support through the online chat​​


  • £95