Fat Loss & Muscle Gain: Self-Guided Nutrition Plans

Self-directed learning, building the knowledge and tools to take charge of your nutrition.

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Transform your nutrition in four phases.
At a pace set by you.

Train harder. Live harder. Feel better. Hit your fat loss or muscle gain goals. 

The details:

What is it? A self-guided nutrition programme targeted at fat loss or muscle gain


What: Four Phase nutrition programme:

  • Phase 1: Gap Analysis

  • Phase 2: Build Your Plan

  • Phase 3: Reflect, Revise, Implement

  • Phase 4: The Finer Details: Key Food Groups

  • And: The science behind the theory​

Plus: 12 week access to the Feed.Fuel.Perform Online platform to support your journey, including:

  • Goals & Metrics section to outline your goals and track progress in key metrics over time

  • Check In section with guided reflections to help you identify challenges, recognise success and build habits for life


  • Resource library containing guidance and insight on a range of topics from nutritional considerations for injury, anabolic windows, understanding macronutrients, and much more

  • Access to the Feed.Fuel.Perform online community to ask questions and access the knowledge of the Feed.Fuel.Perform coaches, and share challenges and experiences with others working with Feed.Fuel.Perform

Why self guided? By guiding you to build your own nutrition programme we are empowering you with the knowledge and tools to manage your nutrition for the long term!

Cost: £49 (less than 60p a day!)