In 7 emails across 3 weeks (plus intro and wrap up emails), we aim to build knowledge and skills that you can apply to your diet to support your performance goals.


Each email builds on the one before, and contains practical guidance that can be implemented straight away.


By introducing concepts step by step, the aim is to provide easily digestible and implementable change. Rather than an overwhelming amount of information to absorb and process all at once.


And the Nutrition Handbook and Recipe Book you will receive upon purchase will help you on your way!


This is not a 21-day quick fix transformation!!


Why? Because sustainable results that will also support your short and long term health and performance don’t happen overnight.


The aim of this email series is to lay the foundations that will help deliver you the sustainable results you are looking for over the long term.


You will receive your first email on the Monday following purchase of the product.


Please note that in this series Feed.Fuel.Perform does not prescribe a nutrition plan or supplement protocol, but shares a guideline approach to nutrition that research has suggested may support certain outcomes. It should not be considered prescriptive advice. Results are not guaranteed.



Performance Support Series