We are what we eat.

What we eat and drink becomes the building blocks of our body and the fuel we run on.

Which means what we eat must impact our physical capability and performance.


Through Nutrition Coaching and Education I help athletes use nutrition to optimise their training, recovery and performance. 

Take a look around!

My training has improved, I feel stronger, healthier and am able to maintain my body composition at a level that is optimal for my sport performance. Sinead … goes the extra mile for her clients to make sure they are able to excel and constantly feel supported.


[33 year old female CrossFit athlete]

I knew that I needed a coach who also didn’t fixate on the fleeting motivation that wasn’t working for me. Sinead Roberts from Feed.Fuel.Perform was absolutely brilliant, compassionate, incredibly knowledgable, and able to answer all my questions. I can’t recommend her enough. She not only helped me through the many ups and downs, I also felt fantastic on the day of my (powerlifting) competition and performed well (2 PRS!) despite having been in a calorie deficit the whole week. Her meal planning for the week leading up to the comp took the guess work out of what I needed.


[28 year old female Powerlifter]

I never had any nutritional help or guidance, nor did I know just how important it was – until I met Sinead. The greatest thing is that it is not a job for her – It is her passion. I have achieved an incredible amount of knowledge & fitness goals since working with her. Above and beyond what I was expecting.


[27 year old male CrossFit athlete]

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