We are quite literally what we eat. What we eat and drink becomes the building blocks of our body and the fuel we run on.

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Thanks for visiting my site!​ A little about me, and Feed.Fuel.Perform.

Through my PhD I studied how the growth and function of cells in the body changes in response to food availability, growth signals, and need. In other words, looking at how the growth of cells is dependent on the inputs (like food) that we give them. Extrapolating this to our bodies as a whole: what we eat impacts how we function. 

My own passion for sport was rekindled when I began CrossFit training. CrossFit incorporates strength, power, gymnastics, sprint, middle distance and endurance training. I became more and more interested in the question: what can we fuel our bodies with to maximise short and long term performance, when our bodies are pushed to the limit in sport?

I established Feed.Fuel.Perform because I wanted to support athletes in using nutrition to help optimise their training, recovery and performance. As well as my scientific background, I bring over 10 years coaching experience to this role. Effective coaching and education not only helps athletes implement their current nutrition recommendations, it empowers them to better manage their own nutrition over the longer term.

Central to Feed.Fuel.Perform's philosophy is the recognition that no one size fits all in nutrition. Indeed, no one size fits one. Every body is different, and the needs of every body changes over time. What the body needs now is driven by sport, training load and lifestyle, as well as age, gender, genetic background, stress and physiological state. And, of course, by an individual's goals – be they aesthetic, performance or otherwise! 

My current focus is on building Feed.Fuel.Perform to support more athletes. I am also focussing on research into the exercise physiology of CrossFit training, as very little evidence based understanding currently exists. The principles applied in nutrition for CrossFit are drawn from research performed in the individual disciplines the sport incorporates. However, research is lacking as to the impact of combining these on the body, and therefore the nutritional requirements. This is important for the advancement of sports nutrition for CrossFit athletes.

I hope you enjoy the resources on this site. And please do get in touch to discuss nutrition. 


Dr. Sinead Roberts, PhD.

  • UK Anti-doping (UKAD) Accredited Advisor | UKAD 
  • Professional Member | International Society of Sport Nutrition (ISSN) 
  • Charter Member | Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind
  • Postgraduate Diploma: Sport and Exercise Nutrition | University of Westminster​ 
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management and Sport Nutrition | AfN Certified (CC051) 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.): Cell Growth and Metabolism | University College London 
  • Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc. Hons.): Biology: 1st Class | University of Nottingham 

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