How can you fuel your body to maximise performance?

To answer this we must consider the role of nutrition in:

  • Health

  • Fuelling individual training session

  • Recovering from training

  • Adapting to training to make us fitter, faster, stronger

​Hey there,

Sinead here - owner of Feed.Fuel.Perform and SENr registered performance nutritionist.


I established Feed.Fuel.Perform in 2018 to help recreational and professional athletes make better use of nutrition to optimise their training, recovery and performance. We do this through a combination of nutrition coaching and education, working with athletes across a range of disciplines, including MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, Strongman and endurance sports

Central to Feed.Fuel.Perform's philosophy is the recognition that no one size fits all in nutrition. Indeed, no one size fits one. Every body is different, and the needs of every body changes over time. What the body needs now is driven by sport, training load and lifestyle, as well as age, gender, genetic background, stress and physiological state. And, of course, by an individual's goals – be they aesthetic, performance or otherwise! 

I hope you enjoy the resources on this site. And please do get in touch to discuss your nutrition. 


Dr. Sinead Roberts, PhD.

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