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Nutrition Coaching

Working with you one-to-one, to help you use nutrition to optimise performance in your sport and in life.


One-to-One Coaching

One-to-one nutrition coaching, including:

  • Personalised nutrition recommendation (updated as needed), which may include:

  • Calorie and macronutrients recommendation, by meal

  • Visual portion size guide + tailored recipes

  • Guidance on supplements 


  • Online account containing a summary of your goals, metrics, recommendations and chat function


  • Weekly check in via the online account


  • Optional food diary review as part of the weekly check in


  • Guaranteed within 24 hour response time for any questions


  • Access to the Feed.Fuel.Perform online community



Nutrition Coaching has a one off sign up fee of £35, plus: 

  • Monthly subscription: £125 

  • Three monthly subscription: £340

Want a nutrition programme without coaching?

No problem! This is £105



One-to-One Coaching: Athlete Level

One-to-one coaching designed to support the competitive and elite athlete, including:


  • Personalised nutrition recommendation tailored to training cycles (periodised nutrition), which may include:


  • Calorie and macronutrient recommendation, by meal and training session


  • Visual portion size guides + tailored recipes


  • Daily meal plans


  • Competition nutrition strategies (including pre-, intra-, and post-competition)


  • Periodic metabolic analysis (RMR and RAMP test), including physical fitness testing

  • Unlimited access for messages and support, with WhatsApp based support available 



£150-300 per month, depending on scope of services.

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