Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition Consultations


Initial (£70)
  • 45 minute 1-to-1 consultation

  • Discussion and development of nutrition, performance and weight management goals

  • Food diary analysis (you will be required to bring a 3-5 day food diary to the consultation)

  • General nutrition recommendations, based on goals and food diary

Follow Up (£35)
  • 30 minute 1-to-1 consultation

  • Review of changes made to diet and progress against goals (you will be required to bring a 3-5 day food diary to the consultation)

  • Follow on nutrition recommendations, based on progress

Nutrition Coaching

The One Off (£85, or £110 with recipes)
  • 1-to-1 consultation (phone or online)

  • Discussion and development of nutrition, performance and weight management goals

  • Assessment of factors influencing your nutritional requirements

  • Individualised nutrition recommendation, with calories and macronutrients by meal

  • Recommendation translated to visual portion size guide, per meal and snack (if recipe option is chosen)

  • Selection of 3 recipes fitting the macronutrients recommended, for each meal and snack (if recipe option is chosen)

The Works (Monthly: £90, or £115 with recipes) (Three months: £245, or £305 with recipes)

All of the above, PLUS:

  • Online account (with iOS compatible app) containing your nutrition recommendation, progress tracking, and ability to message me at any time with any queries and to update me on your progress – from what to eat at a restaurant, to a bit of added motivation!

  • Weekly check-ins via the app to track progress, discuss successes and challenges, develop strategies for the week ahead, and adapt plan as you progress towards goals

  • New recipe each week (if the recipe option is chosen)

  • Access to the Feed.Fuel.Perform Facebook members group, to share experiences, gain support, and comment on all things nutrition with a like minded group

  • Guaranteed under 24 hour response time for any questions

"I never had any nutritional help or guidance, nor did I know just how important it was – until I met Sinead. The greatest thing is that it is not a job for her – It is her passion. I have achieved an incredible amount of knowledge & fitness goals since working with her. Above and beyond what I was expecting."

[27 year old male CrossFit Athlete]

"I knew that I needed a coach who also didn’t fixate on the fleeting motivation that wasn’t working for me. Sinead Roberts from Feed.Fuel.Perform was absolutely brilliant, compassionate, incredibly knowledgable, and able to answer all my questions. I can’t recommend her enough. She not only helped me through the many ups and downs, I also felt fantastic on the day of my (powerlifting) competition and performed well (2 PRS!) despite having been in a calorie deficit the whole week. Her meal planning for the week leading up to the comp took the guess work out of what I needed."

[28 year old female Powerlifter]

"I came 19th out of 133 in the Open. And got a few cheeky PBs in weightlifting. Thank you!!!! ... All down to your nutrition and [the strength coach] coaching. I'm excited for the future."

[59 year old masters female CrossFit athlete]

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