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Scope of Practice

Feed.Fuel.Perform does not diagnose or treat disease and is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment. The purpose of Feed.Fuel.Perform is to develop appropriate health-supportive nutrition recommendations to support client health, sports performance, and body composition goals. This includes ongoing monitoring and adaptation of the recommendation in response to relevant variables, including changes in training and lifestyle as well as  the client's physiological and performance response to the recommendation itself. Nutrition recommendations are based on scientific research and field experience that indicate they may support the intended outcome. They should not be considered prescriptive advice.

As outlined above, clients are required to complete a health questionnaire. This is to ensure there are no pre-existing medical conditions that may prevent or modify nutrition recommendations, including both physical and mental health conditions. If a relevant medical condition is identified or suspected whilst working together it may be necessary to refer the client to a medical professional and to suspend nutrition coaching services. This is to ensure that the client is not put at risk by the nutrition coaching.

Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd. works with junior athletes. Nutritionists coaching junior athletes under the Feed.Fuel.Perform brand and operations will have had Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) checks obtained, and will have completed a Child Protection in Sport Safeguarding Training Course to ensure that the coaching provided is appropriate to this special population. Parental consent is always obtained prior to working with junior athletes and, if applicable, nutrition support will be provided in collaboration with the safeguarding officer of the junior athlete's coaching team. ​

Professional services provided under the Feed.Fuel.Perform brand are covered by business insurance cover held by the individual nutritionists contracted under the Feed.Fuel.Perform brand. This protects the nutritionist and client against losses under the terms of the relevant policy up to defined financial limits (policy available upon request): 

  • Professional Indemnity insurance, covering compensation and legal fees in the event a client suffers financial or professional loss as a result of my work (e.g. nutrition interventions). 

  • Public Liability insurance, covering compensation and legal fees in the event a client suffers financial loss or injury as a result of my business operations (e.g. a fall caused by a piece of equipment).

  • Cyber and Data insurance, covering compensation and covers costs in the event of loss of client or business data as a result of a hacker or data breach. 

  • Legal and Crisis insurance, covering compensation and costs in the event of external phenomena impacting the operation of the business. 

Dependent on the nutritionist and service provided, the relevant business insurance cover is underwritten by Hiscox UK or Axis Underwriting Limited.

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