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Privacy Policy

Privacy and data protection policy helps ensure Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd. hold only the necessary personal and related data in respect of clients and the services Feed.Fuel.Perform provide to them, and that this remains confidential (within the bounds of the law) . 

Personal information provided to Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd (and the persons representing Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd) is processed and stored in accordance with the Data protection Act 2018, including General Data Protection Regulation.

It is necessary for Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd to obtain personal information in order to provide a nutrition recommendation that is tailored to the individual’s expected needs, based on their age, gender, lifestyle and other relevant factors. It is not possible to provide the services of Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd without obtaining this information. It is also necessary to enable ongoing contact with individuals signed up for a service with Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd in order to deliver that service of ongoing nutritional support and sharing of information that may be of interest and relevance to the individual; such communication is only with the individual’s consent as indicated by signing up for a service with Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd; this consent can be revoked at any point in time. As such, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd has a “Legitimate Interest” in collecting such information, i.e. it is necessary to provide the service offered by the company.

Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd has a legal obligation to retain an individual’s records for 8 years after their last consultation and service based interaction with the company (or age 25, if this is longer). After this period an individual can ask for their records to be deleted. If an individual does not request such deletion, Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd may retain the information, in order to use this information if the individual returns to purchase further services from Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd, where historic health and nutritional and associated data may be of relevance to providing an optimal customer service. Individuals have the right to see what personal data Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd hold in respect of themselves, and to request correction of any factual errors.

Personal records are stored:

  • On office computers. The computers are password-protected, and backed up regularly (to the cloud – see below).

  • Electronically (“in the cloud”), through a provider whose terms are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (please note that data may be stored in multiple regions globally). Access to this data is password protected.


Personal data will be processed as follows:

  • To meet contractual obligations: to develop a nutrition recommendation to meet an individual’s goals. This may include using data related to gender, age, and physiology to generate an estimate of an individual’s nutritional requirements.

  • To meet contractual obligations: To send information relevant to the individual and their nutrition coaching with Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd., e.g. email addresses used to send a notification that a new recipe has been posted to an individual’s online Feed.Fuel.Perform account or a blog has been posted to that may be of interest to the individual.

  • To fulfill legitimate interests: Analytics related to the visit and use of the individual’s online Feed.Fuel.Perform account (where applicable, for those individuals engaged in ongoing nutrition coaching with Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd). This is performed to understand site usage, to improve coaching services.


Personal data will not be shared with anyone other than the below without your written consent:

  • The nutrition coach in order that they can provide the services offered by Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd

  • The cloud provider in which personal records may be retained, processed, and backed up


Please use the contact details in the footer of this the website in order to make any requests or complaints in respect of the handling of personal data by Feed.Fuel.Perform Ltd. The messages from this site go to the “Data Controller”, who is responsible for the management of all personal data held by the company.

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