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Self-Guided Nutrition Programmes

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Transform your nutrition in four phases.
At a pace set by you.

Do You Want To ...

     Take charge of your nutrition?

     Understand what to eat and why?

     Achieve fat loss or muscle gain?


YES ABSOLUTELY?! Then our Self Guided Nutrition Programmes could be just what you are looking for!

Which Programme?


         Your primary goal is fat loss

         You do not want to compromise energy or performance

         You want a sustainable and health supportive approach



         Your primary goal is muscle gain and performance

         You do not want to feel constantly bloated and stuffed 

         You want to know what to do when gains plateau & goals change


Four Phase nutrition programme:

  • Phase 1: Gap Analysis

  • Phase 2: Build Your Plan

  • Phase 3: Reflect, Revise, Implement

  • Phase 4: The Finer Details: Key Food Groups

  • And: The science behind the theory​


What You Get for Just £49 ...


Plus: 12 week access to the Feed.Fuel.Perform Online platform, including:

  • Goals & Metrics: Define your goal and track progress over time

  • Check In Section: Guided self reflections to identify challenges, recognise success and build habits for life


  • Resource library: Guidance and insight on everything from the anabolic window, understanding macronutrients, nutrition for injury, and much more

  • Discount Codes: To access services and products to support your goals, or just for fun!

  • Feed.Fuel.Perform online community: Ask questions and interact with likeminded people

  • Access will renew at £2.99 a month after the 12 weeks (cancel anytime, if you find you don't need us anymore!)

Train hard. Live hard. Feel incredible. 

By showing you HOW to build your own nutrition programme we are EMPOWERING you with the knowledge and tools to manage your nutrition for the LONG TERM.


Does it include a meal plan? No! For two reasons: 1.It is restrictive, doesn’t consider personal preference or what you might fancy on a given day, or the food you have access to day to day … so it can add significant stress to your life (and we believe food should reduce not add to daily stress!); and 2.We want to teach you how to fuel for your goals. This means giving you the tools to decide what you want to eat and when, to achieve and sustain your goals for the long term.

Do you set me a calorie / macro target? Similar to the meal plan, the purpose of the programme is to teach you how to identify and eat for your needs. So we show you how to analyse your current diet (which you can do by looking at the calories and macros, or simply by portion sizes on a plate) and then how to adjust this for your goals.

Do I have a coach? Yes: YOU! We show you how to evaluate, identify, plan and implement changes to your diet. And then how to monitor, reflect and revise the changes as needed to progress to your goals.

What if I have dietary preferences? No problem! We guide you on how to meet key protein and micronutrient needs whatever your dietary preference. Whether you eat anything and everything, are wholly or partially plant based, or have certain foods you dislike or can’t eat.

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